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VIC 20

     Back in 2009 I owned my first company smart phone.  It was a Blackberry 8350i.  This thing was a marvel of modern technology with a full qwerty keyboard and full email, texting, camera, gps, wifi capabilities, the list seemed endless.  I had programmed as a hobby since I was a little kid with my first computer, anyone remember the VIC20?  Once I got the new Blackberry connected to a computer and realized the potential to program this device to perform routine electrical calculations the rest is history.


     Electrical Calc was born on the Blackberry and soon after was ported over to Symbian.  This is the OS that almost all the older phones were running.  We ported to iPhone in 2010 and to Android in the same year.  Before we knew it Electrical Calc became a staple of thousands of electricians across the nation.


     Construction Calc was also born in 2010 and by now is used by hundreds of thousands of users world wide.


     I would like to thank everyone who has used one of our apps.  I hope you enjoy them and I hope you contact us with feedback whether it be positive or negative.  The positive feedback helps keep our confidence up and the negative feedback helps us make the apps even better.




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