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     No Smoking is an app made for anyone who is having troubles breaking their habit.  No Smoking is an app designing to slowly wean you off your habit.  The app starts in learn mode where it records your habits frequency and severity.  When you are ready to quit you exit learn mode and begin quit mode.  At this point the app tailors a quit schedule based on the data it has collected during learn mode.  Unlike patches that have 3 stages which quickly drop your nicotine levels between phases, No Smoking slowly drops your nicotine levels over time.  You will hardly notice you've cut back until you've quit.  There is also a motivation and tip section for when you are feeling weak or you are slipping off your schedule.  The app also keeps track of some very interesting statistics including averages, maximums, minimums, saved money, saved tar and nicotine levels and more.  Even if you aren't ready to quit, buy this app and run it for a while, then check the stats and you may just change your mind.  All future updates to this app will be free of charge to anyone who has purchased any version.  For a little more than the price of a pack of smokes you won't regret purchasing this app.

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